Ottawa County Parks and Recreation #4

For the Nature Education Center, I oversaw the execution of the beach outreach program. This consisted of me sitting at Kirk park on every Saturday afternoon and setting up a small area where I displayed cool items one might find on a beach such as fulgurites, beach balls made of beach grass, fossils, and some educational items like pamphlets, maps, scavenger hunts, and pamphlets. On the first day of the program, I was extremely excited to go and talk to a variety of people about the cool things they could find at the beach and the interesting programs at the NEC. My expectations, however, were far too high. A majority of the time I sat alone hoping that someone would be interested and come in talk to me. Most people looked down when they saw me and walked as quickly passed me as they could; like an overeager shopper entering a grocery store and avoiding the penetrating eyes of the store greeter. I spent three hours at the park and only managed to talk to around ten people, most of them from a single, large group of kids. Despite my initial disappointment at the efficacy of the program, I learned to enjoy it and teach the small number of people that wished to speak to me.

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