Ottawa County Parks and Recreation #6

My internship at Ottawa County Parks has been a tough one filled with eight hour days in pouring rain, scorching sun, ravenous mosquitoes, and treacherous dunes. On the other hand, it has also been filled with laughter, the most delicious double chocolate vegan cookies on earth, friends, opportunities, and an uncountable number of beautiful plants and animals encountered. I have grown to really enjoy nature at a deeper level and to appreciate all the natural beauty around me. Furthermore, I have had a wonderful time at both halves of my internship and met some extremely fascinating people that I’m glad are working to improve the area I am from. Overall, my internship has been extremely enjoyable and has pointed me in the direction I want to take my career and education. I have learned so much from working at this internship and I’m extremely excited for what the future holds with my education and career.


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