final thoughts

Today marks almost 3 weeks since I finished my internship & I’m just realizing I never wrote my last post. I’m not that upset about it though because I think I’ve gained a lot of retrospective understanding on my internship.

Panasonic was my first real internship. It was my first glimpse into the corporate world and it gave me a lot to go from. Looking back, I realize that I truly enjoyed what I was doing. Most of my work included lots of market research and analysis – I became an expert on self-driving cars and the technology that is tied to it. I also realized, however, that while I enjoyed what I was doing, I didn’t enjoy what I was doing it for. Growing up in Michigan, the automotive industry has always been what I’ve known and what I’ve been comfortable with. I know now that I don’t actually want to work in the automotive field. When I woke up in the morning during my internship, I wasn’t excited to learn about cars. I was excited to design a marketing strategy and I was excited to be given big responsibilities, but I wasn’t passionate about the topic.

I wish I’d had a position like this earlier in my college years because now I want to play around in different industries and see what I like most. I’ve always been super into sports and fashion so although I’m sad about not loving cars, I am excited that this internship made me realize what my true passions were and has given me the opportunity to pursue them.

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