My Time at ONB

Old National Bank is one of the most ethical places I have interned for, and with it being a bank that is an incredible feature about them. While it is small, it stands against the biggest banks as being a bank that delivers quality services and a great place for its employers. Accompanied with that everyone was so welcoming with my professional development and I will have the opportunity to continue to network with them as well as being a part of their community.

Seeing my projects finalized, and being across the footprint is all worth-while to me. One of the aspects stressed at ONB is value added and I think that I have done that with my time there. I hope that future interns can build off my work, and should I ever return to ONB I can continue to see the value of which I created as an intern. All in all, it was an incredible experience working for Old National Bank, and I hope they continue their relationship with the university for future internships and employment opportunities.

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