Overview on my summer | #6

This summer was amazing. The experience I got in wet laboratory work, flow cytometry work, and data analysis was beyond anything I could have imagined. I now feel that I would be comfortable in any lab setting with completing guided laboratory work. I am confident in my laboratory technique and in my understanding of the general lab environment. I really enjoy working in a laboratory and doing research but this summer helped me realize that I am confident in my plan of pursuing a MD but do want to continue to participate in research throughout my career. I want to be able to interact with patients and actually treat them. This is an experience I can only get through an MD whereas a PHD would be much more removed from patient care and be more focused on the science behind medicine. Understanding this distinction helps me clarify what I am looking for in my career goals. Regardless if those change I now feel more confident in my understanding of the different roles people have in the healthcare industry.

From my research in this lab I also realized that I have a great interest in immunology and in oncology. I want to make it a priority to take an immunology class and a cancer biology class at Michigan. Besides the academic clarification I also learned a lot about different med schools, different post-bac programs, what med schools look for, and more from people going through or who recently completed the process. Knowing these insights will definitely give me advantages other people don’t have. Additionally, I was able to attend a talk by the dean of the medical school at NYU and hear about what he looks for in applicants as well their admissions process. I think that learning about the process early on will help me prepare for applying and make me a more competitive applicant. That was just one invaluable experience I had this summer among countless. The three months I spent at NYU are three I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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