Project Manager – Blog Post #6

For the last week of my internship, I continued to code videos for the Mommy & Me project. I slowed down my coding in order to organize the videos for Dr. Mattis.

I counted all of the videos (200+ videos) and then briefly watched them all to see if there were any anomalies that didn’t belong with the set. For instance, some of the videos had white mothers and children even though the sample that we wanted were black mothers and their children. I went through these videos, marking the ones that didn’t fit with our desired sample, and then I split them between myself and another coder, Tiffany.

The goal for the end of the summer was to finish coding all of these videos so that we could use these videos and these data to run tests and see what information we could “conclude” from these videos about the population that we were studying. In all, my summer was really amazing and just like last summer with Dr. Mattis, I was able to learn so much and broaden my interests in directions that I didn’t even know my interests could range from! It was a very successful summer of research.


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