Final Farewell or Just Another Appreciation Post? | Blog Post #5

The last day of my internship was a very tough day. It was so hard to say goodbye to the many staff and students that I had befriended during my internship. I couldn’t believe how fast the six weeks flew by. From weekend adventures with my fellow interns, to group activities with my grade 7 students, I was going to miss it all. The last day was filled with fun games and activities for everyone to wrap up the school year. From sports to arts and crafts, the day was blocked off with things to do. However, the one thing that stood out in my mind was the water games. As an incentive to clean up, each grade was tasked to pick up any toys or things laying around the filed and whichever grade finished first got to choose a person on student council to dunk a big drum full of water on. Grade 7 ended up winning and cleaning the most and thus were allowed to choose a person to drench. Imagine my surprise when some student asked if they could dunk one of the interns and that idea spread like wildfire through the crowd. When they chanted Miss. Madalasa over and over again when a teacher asked them which intern they wished to dunk, I was feeling equal parts apprehensive and elated. I like to think that it is usually the favorite person who gets dunked by the class during field day activities such as these, as my friends and I used to always vote for our favorite teachers to get dunked back in grade school. Hence, while I was weary of being soaked because how professional is that? I realized that it was my last opportunity to have fun with these students, and thus I went ahead and got dunked. Let me tell you that it was VERY cold and a LOT of water. I was lucky that it was a very hot day and so it really worked out for the better. Jen and Cindy looked and laughed as I was shivering from the change in temperature on my skin. However, I got the last laugh as the other students (still soaked from their water games and armed with water guns and balloons) chased the interns until they too got soaked. It was such a school moment that I felt like I was their age again, running around with my friends and chasing other students with water guns.

However, as I looked around me I was filled with this bittersweet emotion. One that made me happy that I saw this kids grow and learn during the short time I was with them, and the other end of that emotion filling me with a sadness that I will not see these people that I got very close to during the course of my internship. So, this brings me to a few special shout outs.

Shout-out to my grade 7 homeroom class for being the best group of students that I have worked with ever. It was so incredible to be a part of their lives and watch their growth from regular students to more thoughtful and reflective individuals as a result of the contextual learning program.

Shout-out to the faculty of Canadian International School for being so accommodating and kind. They were always on top of everything and went above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed. Furthermore, they provided great advice and insight on everything from life to education and everything in between. I will cherish the lessons learned and look upon the stories fondly.

Shout-out to the brilliant Contextual Learning coordinator, Tamara, without her guidance and mentorship I would have never gotten as far as I did during this internship. She taught me how to adapt to a new environment, and watching her dedicate herself to the program and experiencing first hand just how much she transforms classroom learning into real world applications through activities for students in CL is truly an inspiring thing to observe. I aspire to achieve the same level of dedication and passion in what I do as she has towards the CL program.

Last but not least, shout-out to the LSA Opportunity Hub for organizing and bringing this opportunity to the table for UM students to discover. Truly this opportunity would have never happened if it wasn’t for the resources and opportunities that the Hub provides. I cannot thank them enough for this chance.

A couple appreciation pictures of staff and faculty are featured below.

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