Levy Flash Internship 2018 – Anna Tomsheck

My fall break will be different than anyone else’s this weekend.  As I prepare for my Levy Flash Internship in Chicago, I am reflecting on what I really want to get out of it and why I chose to work instead of rest for my first fall break of college.

My first and foremost goal for this internship is to have fun.  That’s why I mostly decided to apply for it on a whim.  Sports AND Food in the entertainment industry – what could be more exciting?  Not to mention that the location is in my favorite place and one of the most influential cities in the world, Chicago.  Despite the flashy title, there were other reasons why this internship attracted to me.  I want to also meet another goal of mine which is to answer the question: Do I see myself doing work among these people/people like this?  I am undecided in a major, yet I know that I want to be a professional and work in a serious industry.  After doing research on Levy, I realized that the company could be something that I may fall in love with.  I want to have a passion for the work that I do, and with Levy, I feel like it will come easy.  My expectation for this internship is that I will come face to face and have great conversations with alumni who have been in my position and can give me the insight to work my way up like they did for themselves.  I want to see what it looks like for people to be in their element at work, I want to see what they do on a daily basis and how it affects the rest of the world and the environment around them.  I am hoping to learn how a major corporation is able to be so friendly and giving to its customers and to the planet.  I love food and sport, but my love for sustainability and for the environment may be tied with it or sometimes even surpass.  I want to see how I can fit it in at a place like Levy and also give back to my community.

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  • October 13, 2018 at 9:08 am


    Thanks for reflecting so openly and honestly. I agree; your Fall Break will be different from the rest of your peers. My hope is that you are happy to say that, as it’s a chance for you to explore who you are, what you enjoy, and build some lasting, meaningful connections. What’s exciting for me is the open mind you are entering the experience with. Something I hope that happens is that you’ll have fun, but I also hope you will get a chance to explore the intersection of several different fields. As you see with Levy, people with different areas of expertise come together to ensure a great experience for event-goers. How can sustainability efforts and interests play a role? I look forward to seeing how you work to answer that question.



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