An Exciting Opportunity with Levy Restaurant by Edwin Mui

I am so grateful to be granted this opportunity to work with Levy Restaurants through the Sports & Entertainment Hospitality internship. Through this experience, I hope to acquire a pragmatic sense of how working in the hospitality sector actually feels — something I have been curious about ever since years ago. I value experiences gained through actions more than anything else, and I will cherish the additional benefit to connect with the brilliant University of Michigan alumni that have dedicated their time to oversee this phenomenal event. Nothing feels more like family to me than knowing that I have a community of alumni supporting my every decision.

I am also excited to explore the universal hands-on skills that this three-day time frame will offer. Levy Restaurants deals with analytics, innovation, and business operations — all processes that, once learned at a professional level, will shape my critical thinking and business acuity. I want to learn how I may apply this marvelous opportunity to my future career, and this experience just might kickstart something special.


Edwin Mui

Freshman B.S. Economics

One thought on “An Exciting Opportunity with Levy Restaurant by Edwin Mui

  • October 13, 2018 at 9:02 am


    Thanks for replying with honesty and openness. It’s great that you view yourself as being part of the Michigan family, because you are. As Neil said, even though you are still a student, you are already part of the alumni network. These alum are excited to interact with you all, and I hope that you have thought about how you can make these relationships long-lasting and meaningful.



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