Chicago, Here We Come!


I am so excited for the Flash Internship this fall break. Not only have I never been to Chicago, but I have also never gained real experience in the hospitality industry from the backend. I’ve never worked at a restaurant or store, so I don’t have much experience with providing customer service, just receiving it. I think it will be interesting to think about my own personal experiences at concerts, sports games, and hotels and how much work goes into making my experience a good one. At the upcoming Michigan football game against Wisconsin, I will be looking out for what aspects of the Big House make my experience better or worse, and then provide Levy with recommendations. 

By exploring the different areas of the hospitality industry including operations, analytics, customer experience, and innovation and design, I may find that none of these career paths are for me, or I may discover a new passion or interest. I plan to ask the Levy employees about their individual roles at the company, how they got where they are, and what their favorite (and least favorite) parts of their jobs are. 

I hope to make new relationships with the Michigan alumni we meet and the other students in the cohort that will continue after the trip. We are sharing a unique experience and likely wouldn’t have met if not for this opportunity. It will be cool to hear about each other’s backgrounds, majors, involvement at school, and interest in the hospitality industry/future careers.

My goal for my junior year at Michigan is to take advantage of all of the amazing opportunities available to me as a student. This Flash Internship will be a great way to explore a new industry but also focus on my personal and professional development during fall break, away from the stresses of school.


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  • October 13, 2018 at 8:43 am


    Thanks for replying in such an honest, thoughtful manner. We, too, are excited about bringing students to a (new) place and exploring hospitality through a different lens. Our goal was to create an access point for students to explore their interests and see where the possibilities lie, and that’s what it sounds like you would like to do. My challenge for you would be to consider how to make sure the connections you make over the new few days extend beyond this trip. How can they become meaningful relationships and not just surface-level networking connections? Just something to think about.


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