Expectations: A Dive into the Professional World

One of my main goals for this internship is not only to engage with the alumni, but to generate skills on how to start and maintain a professional conversation. Prior to this experience, I learned strategies of how to become a more effective listener. One of these strategies is the R.A.S.A technique which stands for: Receive, Appreciate, Summarize, and Ask. When preparing my questions for the alumni networking, I made it a goal of mine to also implement spontaneous follow up questions to make the conversation flow better. In addition, I hope to gain valuable insight on different career paths and the steps taken these alumni have taken to the industry, especially since these alumni graduated from LSA.

My second goal for this internship experience is to gain insight into the hospitality industry. Specifically, I would like to learn more about the operations side. Two years ago, I attended a Kanye West concert in Detroit. I was fascinated by the display and how the venue was utilized. From the production, you couldn’t even tell that venue was built for NHL games. This event inspired me to pursue not only hospitality but sports and entertainment as well. I want to learn more about the logistics of creating an event that will leave concert-goers with a memorable experience to share with the friends and family. I plan on working closely with the Levy Restaurant employees to learn skills and gain insight into the operations of creating and managing large venues.


Charles Brooks is a student at the University of Michigan currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in economics and music. Charles believes that premium service provides a uniquely enjoyable experience to all types of consumers. Charles has worked at two fine dining establishments in the tri-state area learning and enhancing skills in both high quality food service and venue management. Charles is a Forbes certified fine dining server and worked as a servers assistant at a Relais & Chateaux property in Westerly, Rhode Island.

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    Thanks for responding in such a thoughtful manner. Our hope is that the preparation you did for interacting with alumni will lead to insightful, productive conversations as well as lasting connections. Hospitality is a broad field, so hopefully you leave with an understanding of how it could be your entry point to a career in sports and entertainment.



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