Flash Internship: Levy

I am ecstatic about this opportunity to venture to Chicago to meet the successful University of Michigan alumni at Levy. The Flash Internship has granted me the opportunity to embark on my professional journey. One of my goals for this journey is to meet other students who share similar interests and productivity in order to make the most of my time spent in Chicago. In addition, I hope to form bonds and connections with my fellow wolverines as we travel and gain more knowledge and expertise on the hospitality industry at large. Another goal of mine is to see if the culture of Levy appeals to me which could potentially result in finding an industry that ignites passion to learn more about it. With that being said, I hope to meet and learn from some passionate, patient, understanding, intelligent, and productive individuals who are willing to share their stories of finding their purpose in the fast paced industry and the types of challenges they faced to demonstrate if this field is something that I could see myself flourishing in.

One thought on “Flash Internship: Levy

  • October 13, 2018 at 7:27 pm


    Thanks for replying so openly and honestly. It sounds like one of your concerns is finding something that inspires you to pursue it with intentionality and passion. My hope is that this opportunity enables you to explore not just the industry, but also yourself. I hope that you’ll be able to identify what you like and what you do not like, and potentially even unlock an interest in an unfamiliar industry. Have you given thought to how you will assess the experience and its importance? If you have not, that may be something to consider doing with some intentionality behind it.



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