Pre-Internship Reflection

Over the course of the Flash Internship, I hope to meet alumni and professionals in the arts and nonprofits whose careers inspire me with meaningful ways to contribute to the field.

I also want to learn how the DSO operates behind the scenes, since I have been a lifelong patron and an active participant in the institution’s youth ensembles program. Since I have reaped the benefits of having the DSO as a part of my community, I would like to understand how it is able to contribute to Metro-Detroit in the way that it always has, and to learn how to help continue the trend in the future.

Finally, I would like to get a sense of what the future of classical music looks like with regards to attracting a younger audience. What can motivate young people to go to an orchestra concert? Should we change the way we present classical music to audiences? How can we revolutionize the concert-going experience?

All of these questions will be considered during the internship, and I am looking forward to learning the thoughts of industry professionals as to how they can best be answered.

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