2018 Levy Flash Internship Pre-Departure

Entertainment and sport hospitality is still underdeveloped in Taiwan, and I would like to bring the American experience back and improve the condition the sport industry in Taiwan. Hospitality industry is an “Happiness Factory.” The industry offers consumers experiences that different happiness; and working to serve smiling faces has always been one of my dream jobs. I seemyself a salesman and an entertainer, which grants me the advantage to seek and serve what people need in a short time. Usually what consumers see at Disney Worlds, resorts, arenas, are the bright sides that take numerous hours of dedications and planning to produce. Hospitality industry itself could be very old-fashioned; however, Levy has a revolutionary business model that maintains high standard service while executing creative ideas to intrigue consumers. Specifically, Levy’s commitment to sport venues caught my attention. As a student from Taiwan, sport events in my country is never about the overall experience but the game itself, which contributes to low attendance rate. We don’t have huge jumbotrons with kiss cams, home courts owned by teams, not to mention large souvenir shops like ones in NBA arenas. I was impressed by how involved Americans are when it comes to sports, but also by the sensational experienceI had at the games: It wasn’t simply about the athletic contest. There are other features that add on to the game which produce an unforgettable experience and lead me to another game, and what Levy has to contribute is part of the reason why. Food stands, souvenirs, free t-shirts, and promotional nights drive the fans to be more involved, ultimately building a community in the stadium. Taiwan’s current approach toward sport marketing is not very successful, and most of it is because previous experiences at sport events aren’t as memorable and engaging.

Having the experience of working at Nike Taiwan over the summer helped me realize and plan out my career path, and I would like to take the opportunity to see how Levy would do things in the “American” way. It would be a totally different perspective for me to work with an American business, and mingle my Asian perspective with the American practices. I am also looking forward to meet all the awesome friends and successful alumni, and learn from people from different background and experience.

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  • October 13, 2018 at 9:30 am


    Thanks for taking the time to reply honesty, openly, and thoroughly. One of the things that stood out in your application materials was this emphasis on taking a broader look at the athletic event experience, going beyond just the game itself. Given your experience at Nike Taiwan, it’s clear that you bring a different perspective than most others on the flash internship. My hope is that this experience allows you to further explore what Levy does well, but also how what they do well can be transferred to places like Taiwan where the entire experience is not as valued or given as much attention. I wonder if you have given thought to how you can create lasting relationships that will assist you in one day bringing a more well-rounded experience at sports and entertainment events to Taiwan and other areas in which you’ll inhabit.



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