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I am excited about the Flash Internship this fall break for my first semester at the University of Michigan. As getting ready to represent LSA to explore sports and entertainment hospitality at Levy in one of my favorite cities, Chicago, I would like to share some thoughts on what I want to take away from this program.

My first goal for this opportunity is to broaden my horizon. That’s why I choose to explore hospitality which is an unknown industry and has nearly zero connection with my academic background which is math and stats. Growing up in Xi`an, China, which is not a megacity like Beijing and Shanghai, I do not have lots of opportunities to experience huge sports events or high-level concerts. Hence, hospitality is like a hypothetical word, which I have no idea what does hospitality look like. Not to mention that American sports and entertainment are both new to me. I am eager to get involved in this amazing industry by talking with talent alumni face-to-face during this fall break. I believe that after getting back from Chicago, I would appreciate sports events from a different perspective.

I also want to answer another question: Could the hospitality industry be my potential career path? Since it is kind of natural that communication, political science or business-related majors are top choices for the hospital industry, I never consider that mathematical or statistical knowledge also contributes to customer service industry. By applying for this flash internship, I did research on hospitality and talked with opportunity hub coach, Zanib Sareini about how could my academic background connect to this industry. Then, I realized that mathematics and statistics could play a vital role in this serious industry by analyzing data, modeling trends and predicting the floating of customers’ tastes. Thus, I am very eager to know how could I utilize what I have learned at school to solve problems in real-world scenarios. Additionally, I am passionate about working with people not just playing with numbers. Hence, I could imagine that this flash internship is a wonderful platform to answer my question.

I cannot wait to meet other excellent cohorts and alumni in Chicago. Let’s nail it!

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  • October 13, 2018 at 7:23 pm


    Thanks for replying with honesty and openness. The goal we have for students is certainly that they will learn more about the industry on a flash internship, but we also hope that students will learn more about themselves as well. Given the introduction of American sports and the idea of hospitality, it seems that the opportunity is ripe for you to do some learning and exploring. Given your interest in math and stats, I am intrigued to see how you connect with the data and analytics team at Levy. I wonder if you have given thought to how you can make connections and then maintain them after the flash internship. I look forward to seeing your growth over the next few days.



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