Levy Restaurants Flash Internship

I am so excited to begin this Flash Internship with Levy Restaurants in Chicago. Growing up in the area, I’ve been to many Levy-run venues as well others around the country. I never paused to think about how much work was put in to my favorite sandwich at United Center or my favorite restaurant at Ravinia Festival. I am eager to see what kind of thought is put into choices that are made across the country. And being a big fan of sports and entertainment with little to no knowledge of hospitality, I am excited to learn about what Levy has to offer!

This will also be a great networking opportunity for my peers and me. With there being only 12 of us, we are in a unique position to speak with alumni in an intimate setting. These successful LSA alumni have been exactly where I am now, and have worked their way to impressive positions. As a Junior watching the days until graduation quickly go by, I need their help. I am hoping to use their career advice to become the ideal candidate for any job I may want (as well as to figure out what that job may be!). In addition to containing years of advice and experience, these alumni have tons of connections that I am excited to gain access to.

I am so grateful for the opportunity LSA Opportunity Hub and Levy Restaurants are giving me. I am looking to come out of this experience with a greater knowledge of what I want to do post-grad, and I can’t wait!



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  • October 13, 2018 at 7:08 pm


    Thanks so much for replying so honestly and openly. It’s ironic that you have been to Levy-run businesses and organizations before and are now embarking on a flash internship to explore their work and industry. I wonder if you have given much thought to how you plan to ensure these alumni connections extend beyond this experience. While knowing their names and exchanging contact information is great, it means little if follow-up does not happen. Let me know during or after the trip if you need assistance with making this happen.



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