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I’m going into this flash internship with the goal of learning. Learning more about the hospitality industry, learning more about how hospitality functions in the world of sports, and learning more about how the company is structured are some things I hope to grasp. I’m also looking forward to exploring the city of Chicago from a business aspect. I don’t know too much about the hospitality industry so this internship will be a great way to explore what working there will feel like. I think it also gives me a chance to connect with prominent Alumni and learn from them. Overall, I expect this flash internship to be a great way to refine what I look forward to in my professional life.

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  • October 15, 2018 at 1:02 pm


    Thanks for taking a few moments to respond with openness and honesty. One of the major goals we have for flash internships is that students will walk away having learned. And I’m glad to read that you are walking into this experience with the ultimate goal of learning. You’ve mentioned that hospitality work is in your family history, so getting exposure to all that a company Levy does should be a great experience for you. Have you wondered how you can maximize the relationships long-term? Just something to consider.



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