Modes of Transportation

Looking back at my pictures from my internship, one thing I noticed was the huge variety of modes of transportation I have used. I will discuss these modes of transportation and how they helped me see India in different lenses throughout the stories I tell in this post.

One weekend trip we took was to Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Karnataka. Luckily Madalasa’s cousin whom we had become good friends with at this point was able to come with us on this trip and could translate for us as we all explored together. To my delight, we would be taking a night bus to get there, something that I had never ridden on before and was for some reason very excited to experience. On this night bus, I had a very tranquil moment looking out at the countryside that was quite the opposite of any experience I had in India thus far. It was about 1 am and I had the window seat on the bed on the bus. For the most part, the bus was completely silent as everyone was sleeping, but I laid awake just looking at the countryside pass alongside me.  It was a beautiful moment that perfectly juxtaposed the India that I had grown to know; quiet and seemingly desolate.


Night Bus on our way to Hampi                                                                  View from the Night Bus

Fast forward a few hours of sleep, we arrived in Hampi and got off the bus and stepped onto the fast paced streets filled with people zooming past on every side. Of course, we chose a rickshaw as our next mode of transportation to get to the hostel that we were staying at. Quite the opposite to the tranquil bus ride, our hair flew in the wind as we whipped past crowds of people, different smells, and every color you could imagine  . On the ride to the hostel, we rode through many villages and this was the first time I had seen this side of India since we had been in Bangalore which was more of a bigger city. Seeing these small villages was very eye opening, but I wish I would have had a bit more time to explore and learn about their way of life.

Rickshaw and some goats?!

We didn’t exactly have a plan of what we would do in our two days in Hampi, but it was better this way. We asked the person running the hostel what were the main sites and he showed us everything that we couldn’t miss and we ended up having an amazing weekend. We climbed to the top of temples (which were higher than they seemed) and also hiked underground to visit some. The view of the landscape from the top of the temples we hiked up was breathtakingly beautiful.

This brings me to the last mode of transportation (other than taxis and airplanes)- which we experienced on a different weekend trip in Goa. Pictures were already included in my previous post, but the view we saw while paragliding was just as beautiful as being at the temples on the huge rocks in Hampi. Although this mode of transportation was not one for the purpose of getting to a destination, it still served its purpose of taking me somewhere I had never been, soaring through the air giving me the feeling of being free.

Each mode of transportation I experienced in India gave me a different image of this beautiful country. They each allowed me to see that I could experience this country in so many different ways and that there are still so many parts of India I needed to visit.

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