Post-Departure Reflection: MOCAD & DSO

The experience of attending this Flash Internship with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit has shown me the behind-the-scenes workings of both these organizations, as well as the diverse paths that working arts professionals have taken to their current positions. The artists and administrators we spoke to over the course of the weekend were extremely generous with their time, always open and receptive to our cohort’s students and any of our questions. Some of these questions related directly to their respective organizations, but the mentors we spoke with were just as happy to discuss our questions on the job-search process and their individual journeys. Not only am I interested in continuing to explore the museum space and arts administration as a result of this experience, I also feel more assured in my ability to succeed in my pursuit of this type of work. This Flash Internship, though short, was comprehensive and exposed our cohort to a number of fascinating and inspiring arts experiences with amazing Detroit-based non-profit organizations. The weekend has helped me feel more confident engaging in local arts spaces, and I look forward to continue having great discussions around the arts now and into the future.

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