Post-Levy Internship

How has the Flash Internship influenced your (near) future (school, career, or personal) plans?

After completing this flash internship (my first internship ever), I realized that I am capable of more than I thought.  Speaking with professionals from Levy and alumni from Michigan really opened my eyes in terms of what I want for myself in the future and how I’m going to accomplish that.  Something that really resonated with me was that I should look at the skills that I already have and the skills that I want to acquire within a job.  I never thought about the ways in which a future job of mine should shape how I am as a person and influence personal growth.  Getting a job in a big company has been a thought of mine for a while, but now I’m going to look at it differently; I want to be a part of something that not only helps people but helps myself.  The interview process is not one-sided.  I am being interviewed by a company, but I am doing the same right back to it.  I figured that Levy was something I would like to visit and experience while I did my research, and now after going home to Ann Arbor, I can stay that my instincts were correct.  The atmosphere of Levy was something I had always pictured myself surrounded by.  Its message, its purpose, and its people are all things that appeal to me.  I was impressed with how friendly, open and welcoming the people were and not to mention they gave us great food.  I know I am only a freshman, but I would really like to connect with someone that I met over the course of this flash internship and I’d really like to look into a future internship with Levy if not this summer, then the following summers.  I want to be in Chicago and help Levy complete its goals and solve future struggles.  If it doesn’t work out though I have nothing to fret over because Andy Lansing said himself that you never expect where you are going to end up.


Thank you LSA Hub Opportunity!!!

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