How 3 Days in Chicago Changed My Life


There are some events in my life that I call “distinctive opportunities.” These are experiences that I believe nothing can mirror because of how unique it is. My time with Levy Restaurants during the Hospitality Flash Internship is the epitome of a distinctive opportunity.

Not only did I delve deep into hospitality, but also the different functions within that field. I learned about strategy, operations, and management roles within these types of companies, which drove me to consider certain occupations I could in the future. As a student interested in business but with no clear-cut path in mind, this opportunity greatly narrowed down the options. I not only discovered that hospitality is a potential point of interest for me, but more importantly, that I am curious to learn more about specifically strategy and management in all industries, not just hospitality. Now inspired, I plan to learn more about each sector on my own, and tackle a potential career from there. I finally have a direction to follow, and I thank this internship for granting me that.

I also believe that apart from the informational aspect, the network-building opportunity that the internship offered will be phenomenally beneficial for future internships or jobs I may apply to. I met many spectacular alumni, including the CEO of the multi-billion dollar Levy, Andy Lansing, and the Director of Operations Strategy, A.J. Riddell, who offered me wonderful advice and potentially provided an avenue to acquire work experience. Not only do I now understand how powerful Michigan’s alumni network is, but I feel comfortable reaching out in the future to make connections which may help me excel in whatever career I eventually pursue. I hope to remain in contact with all the people I met during the trip, both interns and alumni, and I know for a fact that I will never see a food concessions stand the same way. Overall, I am forever grateful to the LSA Opportunity Hub for providing me this stepping stone to shape my life.

If you are a student reading this, please reach out to the Hub and ask what they can do for you. I personally had no previous idea of the caliber these opportunities they offer are at, and let us just say you will not be disappointed by it. Who knows — it might even just shape your life. Forever and always, Go Blue!


Kind Regards,

Edwin Mui


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