Levy Flash Internship Reflection

A week ago, I was at Chicago with a group of talented LSA students I had never met before the trip. People are majoring in communications, applied mathematics, general studies, economics, music, etc. while I still don’t really have a plan in mind what to study in my sophomore year.

I applied the internship because of my interests in sport and hospitality. Known as one of the countries that produce best hospitality services and sport experience, the United States, in particular big cities like Chicago, would provide me, a kid from Taiwan, a comprehensive and in depth view on the industry.

Levy is a unique combination of the two industries. Its employees come from different fields, and most of them have experience working in the sport industry prior entering Levy. I was not too surprised that I would be struck based on Levy’s scale of business. However, after talking to some of the executives, I was surprised that Levy operates its business in such a unique and creative way that I have not seen in other related businesses. For example, there is no marketing department in Levy. Instead, Levy separated its marketing into a more rational E15 data analysis group, and a more creative CuriOlogy department. It is interesting to see how E15 gained consumer insight through data, and CuriOlogy then transformed the data into creative proposals. This is one of the largest marketing group that I’ve seen in the industry, which shows that Levy really cares about its costumers, and is constantly looking for creative approaches to improve the quality of its service.

CuriOlogy allows me to see marketing in a different aspect. Its core practice of design thinking grants every member in the group presence of coming up with creative ideas. According to Vice President of creativity and the lead for CuriOlogy, Brian Graziano says his team “think like designers” while they might be teachers, entrepreneurs, musicians, etc. CuriOlogy is a space where creativity is not limited, and people in the team always strive to bring sensational upgrade to consumers. Its design thinking practice also allows me to rethink how people should come up with ideas and discuss in my clubs, so it is definitely very practical and helpful not only short but long-termed.

Special thanks to Mike, Caroline, and Tyler for accompanying the group as well as planning all the pre departure tasks. I definitely learned more about myself through the process of networking, and it has helped me clear up my thoughts a lot after the internship.

Also, big thank you to CEO of Levy Restaurant, Andy. It’s amazing how a multi billion company CEO would be willing to take out his valuable time and share his experience with a group of college kids. His philosophy of building a strong team, especially be nice, is one of my core beliefs and I had never imagined could cause such big of an impact in large companies. Andy is willing to give out all what he’s learned in the industry as well as in college, which is very beneficial to someone like me who has no clue what his next step should be.

I would also like to thank AJ for arranging all Levy related communications and arrangements, without you, the internship literally would not happen in the first place. And I really like the Cubs hat you gave us. I can’t tell how appreciate I am.

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