Flash Internship Reflection

My first semester at the University of Michigan is wonderful because of this amazing flash internship. Before this internship, I was very nervous about whether I should attend it because I have two hard exams right after the fall break. It means I have extremely limited time to review. However, after completing this journey, I have to say that my decision is absolutely right. This flash internship is one of my best experience. First, all my cohorts and team are excellent. They are very nice, friendly and supportive. Though before this trip everyone is new to me, they really make me feel I like I was hanging out with my best friends. I not only had a wonderful trip to Chicago but also gained valuable friendships with my cohorts. Furthermore, having opportunities for talking with alumni and professionals from Levy restaurant absolutely open my eyes. I never thought that data is literally everywhere even in the hospital industry What E15 at Levy has been doing so far intrigued me a lot and let me know that there are so many possible industries which are utilizing data intensely. I am very happy to see how myself might play a role at Levy.

I appreciate LSA Opportunity Hub a lot for giving me this valuable chance to enhance myself.

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