Getting Started – International

Blogging once a week during your internship will allow you to reflect on your internship, experiences abroad, goals, and changes in your perspective. Posts should be written according to our blog prompts and be at least 200 words in length. Creative formats, such as photo essays, videos, poetry, etc., are acceptable as long as they are accompanied by written text to give context. We encourage you to add lots of pictures and to help each other get the most out of your international internships by commenting on others’ posts.

When writing your posts, please check the “International” category on the right sidebar, and tag your post with your country and internship field. If you included images, set one as “Featured” so that the image will show up on the home page. For more detailed instructions on getting started, see below:

Logging In and Setting Up Your Profile

  • Log in to WordPress with your U-M uniqname and password
  • Set up your Public Display Name to read First Name, Last Initial (ex. Rachael C)
    • You can find this setting in the profile field at the top of the page

How To Create Your First Blog Post

  • Visit the “International Blog Prompts” page to select a topic to write on
  • On the top navigational menu, click “+ New” and select “Post”

  • You will now be in the Add New Post window. This is where you will compose your blog post.

  • Give your blog post a title and number it based on how many posts you have written
    • Example: First Impressions | #1 (this is your first blog post)
  • Select the “International” category on the right sidebar (and any other programs you are a part of). Do not select the “Featured” or “Staff Picks” tag – we will choose which posts to feature on the home page.

  • You can also add “Tags” to your post that highlight the (1) country and (2) field of your internship. These tags help readers find blog entries of interest when they visit the site.

  • If you included images in your post, select one as a featured image. This will show up as your post’s thumbnail on the home page.
  • Finally, remember to click “Publish” on the right sidebar! 

Keep in Mind:

Remember, this is a semi-public blog, so be mindful of what you write. Don’t include phone numbers, addresses, or last names, and be sure to positively represent LSA. Invite your family and friends to read and comment on your posts!