International Blog Prompts

Please blog once a week during your internship. We encourage you to post lots of pictures, reflect on both your work and travel experiences, and comment on the blog posts of fellow international interns. Feel free to be creative with your reflections – videos, photo essays, short stories, etc. are welcome!

Reflections should be at least 200 words in length. If you are in multiple Hub programs, please combine prompts from each program for your weekly reflection. 

Beginning of the trip:

  • Tell us about your internship and what drew you to this specific opportunity.
  • What goals and expectations do you have for your internship? What are you hoping to learn from this experience?

First few weeks:

  • How has your internship differed from your beginning expectations? How has it been similar? Has anything surprised you about your internship?
  • Share and describe 5 photos that capture a day in your shoes as an intern. Reflect on how your internship day is different from your normal routine back home.
  • Have you met any interesting locals? If yes, what were they like? If no, how do you hope to engage within the local community?

Halfway point → end:

  • Describe an obstacle that you have faced in your internship or a mistake that you have made, and how you have or are planning to overcome it.
  • We all have many individual identities (personality, hobbies, etc.) and group identities (race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ability, religious/political affiliations). Please reflect on a part of your identity that you are seeing or feeling in a different light.
  • What is your most memorable food memory during your time abroad?
  • Have you found a great mentor? If so, what makes him/her great? Have you developed relationships with work peers or supervisors?
  • Describe your home away from home. How is it the same or different from where you are from? Are there any misconceptions about where you are living and working that you would like to clear up?
  • Describe your favorite experience as an intern this summer.

End of internship and final takeaways:

  • How have you grown or how has your perspective changed over the course of the internship?
  • Describe a favorite project or presentation that you have completed for your internship.
  • How has this internship influenced your (near) future school, career, or life plans?
  • What advice would you give to someone planning to do an internship in your host country, career field, or organization?